Karrueche Tran

Fashion Designer, Model, Aspiring Actress, R&B star Chris Brown’s Girlfriend


On vacay at Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel, Kingston

'Jamaica' Me Crazy.

It’s my first time here. I love the food and hot weather. I love ackee and salt fish, which I grew up eating. Yesterday, I had beef patties and coco bread which were really good. We are going on a yacht to Maiden Cay today, and I’m really excited.

On boyfriend Chris Brown’s recent Twitter post that he’s ready to start a family.

Not yet. I do care about and love him. Eventually down the line that could be possible. I would want three kids at the most, depending on how things go, we’ll see. But right now, I want to focus on my career and getting myself together.

On being black and Vietnamese.

I identify with both ethnicities. I don’t like to identify with just one because that’s really not fair; I am both. I eat lots of Asian food and I still embrace a lot of my black culture, as well. I grew up in a Jamaican household, my godmother is Jamaican, so I grew up with flavourful, tasty food.

The latest with her design line The Kill.

I had a few complications with The Kill on the business back end, so it’s been on hold. I recently had a release with Pac Sun and did a collaboration with the LA-based photographer Van Styles. We came together and did a limited-edition tee-shirt line for the Fourth of July. They ordered some crew necks for the fall. With The Kill, I’m still going to keep that on hold, but we might be doing something else with Pac Sun and have a few ventures that might be coming up.

Why fashion designing?

I’ve always had a love for fashion. I always work with, or design things that are similar to my own fashion. My style is a mix of high-fashion and streetwear, so I have designer shoes but I like baggy shorts that I can dress up, or Jordans and high heels. I like to mix and match.

Tattoo Love.

I have eight tattoos. I first started off just getting scripture, and then I ventured off into different things. My last one was a dragon tattoo on my hand. I’ve been thinking of getting a new one, but I don’t know yet.

We saw you co-host BET’s 106 and Park just last week. Any plans to add TV to your résumé?

I enjoyed hosting; it was fun and my first time hosting on TV for 106. I would definitely take the opportunity to explore more. I am open to it.

The Michael Brown shooting in Missouri is dominating headlines in the States. Your take?

For me, it was a tragic incident. He was innocently killed under the circumstances, and it’s very unfortunate what’s going on. There is a lot of protesting going on and I’m glad that the people are standing up for themselves and what they believe in, and they are doing the right thing by taking a stance. It’s crazy that in this day and age, we are still living like we are in the old days of segregation and I think we are so far ahead in our culture that things should not be that way. People like me who are biracial, and there are so many more children who are like me. I hope Brown’s family gets justice.

Ever experienced racism in your own life?

Nothing too crazy. I wasn’t bullied, but it was kind of hard to identify with a certain type of race. For black girls, I was was the one with the light skin and my hair was too straight, so growing up I gravitated towards the Asians, because I could not connect with my black side. But as I got older, I embraced both my ethnic heritages.

Secrets to great skin.

I always take care of my skin. I drink water all the time. I make sure, before I go to sleep, I take my make-up off. I moisturise. I swear by Kiehl’s. I use all their products.

What’s next for Karrueche?

More modelling, more hosting, more travelling and I have taken on acting. I have been working with an acting coach in Los Angeles and I recently signed with an agency for television and film to get on the ball with auditions and getting me out there. Acting is a lot of background work, so you have to bring your mind there and bring forth a performance.

Dream co-star?

Halle Berry. She’s a classic actress who is not only beautiful inside and outside, but she delivers with her acting performances. That’s somebody I strive to be because I want to be able to not just be a face, but be able for people to say ‘wow, she can actually act.’